Enviro Tech (Asia) Intíl Trading (ETA) realized that critical cleaning is not what it used to be.  Chlorine-based solvents such as 1,1,1-trichloroethane, once the standard, must be replaced due to its damaging effects on the ozone layer.

That is why we introduced EnSolv, an environmentally friendly family of n-Propyl Bromide based solvents with all the precision performance and flexibility youíve come to expect from vapor degreasing and ultrasonic cleaners, but without the Chlorine.  This is proof that you can preserve the environment without the need to comprise your critical cleaning objectives. 

In line with our continued advocacy to preserve the environment, ETA would like to introduce, EnviroLED, the Durable Energy Saving and Environmentally Friendly family of LED Lighting Products.  EnviroLEDs are non-toxic, unlike the more popular compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) which, although is also energy efficient, still contains harmful traces of mercury which could cause cancer when it seeps to our ground water supply.

EnviroLED contains no MERCURY!

Our working partnership with other companies seeks to provide the total solution to their individual needs and our success is measured through customer satisfaction.  We hope that with the availability of our products, we will encourage the general public to go green, reduce, reuse and recycle.


Enviro Tech Asia (ETA) is dedicated to ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations. To help our customers conserve natural resources through continued improvements of our products and services. To encourage our suppliers and customers to lend a hand to save Mother Earth and prevent or at least reduce the devastating effects of global warming. To offer our customers quality products at the most competitive prices.


It is the goal of ETA to manufacture innovative products at competitive prices.
To team up with Global manufacturers to bring new and exciting superior quality products to the Asian market.   To be a leading supplier of green technology.